Life Sciences and Biotechnology


Currently, 44 faculty members are working at the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, all of which are well known scientists at national and international levels. The results of research projects and dissertations have been published in numerous domestic and international High indexed journals, and various national and international prizes have been obtained for the faculty.  Teaching and research laboratories include:

1. Ecology Research Lab

2. Marine Biology Research Lab

3. Fish Propagation and Aquaculture Lab

4. General Research Lab

5. Animal Physiology Lab

6. General Plant Physiology Lab

7. Mycology Research Lab

8. Systematic Plant Lab

9. General Microbiology Lab

10. Two Microbiology Research labs

11. Plant Physiology Research Lab

12. Animal Physiology Research Lab

13. Cytogenetics Research Lab

14. Embryology and Histology Lab

15. General Genetics Lab

16. Botany Research Lab (for PhD level)

17. Animal Development Lab

18. Cellular and Molecular Lab

19. Genetic Research Lab

20. Cell and Tissue Culture Research Lab

21. Cell and Tissue Culture Teaching Lab

22. General Zoology (1 & 2) and Parasitology labs​