Life Sciences and Biotechnology

Animal, Marine and Aquatic Biology and Biotechnology

Before 2019, there were two separate departments in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology: Animal Biology, and Marine Biology. In 2019, these two departments were merged and named as the Department of Animal, Marine and Aquatic Biology and Biotechnology. The program of Animal sciences was established in 1982 in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The undergraduate students of animal sciences study basic biology courses and focus more on topics related to structure and physiology, ecology, and animal classification. The graduates will have the ability to work and continue their studies in areas related to environmental protection and biodiversity, genetics, animal sciences and some basic medical sciences such as embryology, histology, stem cells and physiology. The admission of master's degree students in animal sciences has begun since 1993. Master's degree students study in animal biosystematics, developmental biology and animal physiology, and marine biology. The doctoral program in physiology was approved in 2008 and the first program has been implemented since September 2010. The arrangements have also been made for doctoral programs in other majors of animal sciences. Due to the priority of marine studies and aquatic sciences in the country and the lack of specialists and researchers in marine biology, the undergraduate program in marine biology was launched in 1998 at Shahid Beheshti University. After gaining successful experience in undergraduate education, the master's program of marine biology was established in 2005 and the doctoral program in 2009. Currently, only one other state university of the country has all three levels of this field, so the program of marine biology of this department has a special position in the country. Students of the three levels of marine biology attend the maritime regions of the south and north of the country in order to study their marine courses, perform the related research, and experience the field work conditions closely. At present, Dr. Vahid Azizi is the head of the Department of Animal Sciences. Among the faculty members of this department, Dr. Shams Lahijani has been selected as the top author of the university in 2009.​



Program Title


Entry Requirement

Duration (Year)

Animal Sciences B.Sc. ​HS Diploma 4
Animal Biosystematics ​M.Sc. B.Sc. 2
Developmental Biology ​M.Sc. B.Sc. 2
Animal Physiology ​M.Sc. B.Sc. 2
Animal Physiology
​M.Sc. 4
Marine Biology B.Sc. ​HS Diploma 4
Marine Biology ​M.Sc. B.Sc. 2
Marine Biology
​M.Sc. 4