The Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology started its activity in 1967 as the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Sciences. The Department of Biology developed rapidly within a few years. At the end of the first decade of its activity, i.e. 1976, the educational and research activities of the department were performed by 19 faculty members and nine laboratory experts. At that time, the department offered undergraduate and postgraduate programs in entomology, algae, microbiology, immunology and parasitology. The Department of Biology was then changed to the Faculty of Biological Sciences in July 2007 due to the multiplicity of bachelor's and master’s programs, the wide range of research fields and thus the promotion of the organizational structure of the university. In 2016, following the change in the structure of Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), this faculty together with the Department of Biotechnology Engineering of the Faculty of New Technologies and Energy Engineering was organized into the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. At present, the dean of the faculty is Dr. Masoud Sheidaei.​​​​​


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