Life Sciences and Biotechnology


a) Library

The library of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology was created simultaneously with the establishment of a biology department in 1967. The library covers an area of about 110 square meters, located in the faculty building, enjoying safe-deposits, references, journals, dissertations, and computer-aided search sections. In this library, more than 2000 Persian books and 1000 Latin books have been collected and categorized. The library has three distinct parts in terms of administrative organizational structure and functions: 1. Safety deposits and visits; 2. Dissertations; 3. References and publications.

b) Computer Area Network

The computer area network is shared with the Faculty of the Chemistry and Petroleum Sciences and has 30 computers.

c) Journals

These publications include the two quarterly journal of biology scientific society titled Synapse, the academic journal of Primer (periodical) and the specialized Quarterly Journal of Physiological Research (Scientific and Research Index).

d) Research Innovation Center

The main activities of the center include:

1. Launching the Research Innovation Center for the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology on an area of 66 square meters in 2021

2. Inviting 10 creative teams through Now’a call and finally recruiting seven research teams after screening

e) HSBU Herbarium

The herbarium of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biotechnology is a rich collection of valuable and diverse varieties of flora in the country that are kept by the use of modern equipment. In this center, the infrastructure of information technologies is provided in order to create a digital and advanced technology for the use of plant researchers inside and outside the university. In this center, over 8,000 samples of various kinds of flora (320 species of plants) and various sources of plant species are preserved, such as national and international flora, and plant organ slides. In 2011, the herbarium was registered as HSBU (Herbarium of Shahid Beheshty University) in the international profile of herbariums on Steere Herbarium (

f) Animal Rooms